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Drill Jig Bushing Co. (Madras) Pvt. Ltd., commonly known as DJB, commenced business in 1973 and was the true pioneer in mass production and distribution of Drill Jig Bushings in India. Presently, DJB  is one of the largest and certainly the most reliable manufacturer of Drill Jig Bushings, Drill Collets, Gun Drill Bushings, Guide Pillars and Bushings, Dowel Pins and Locating Pins in the World. In India  around 60% of the market has belonged to DJB  for over 36 years, principally because of the uncompromising adherence to consistency of quality.  DJB is also the first Indian company to export Drill Jig Bushings and their products are being sold in millions worldwide.  One of the main reasons for such success in the domestic and international market is the extremely high quality of product and service coupled with attractive prices. Quality is a bye-word within the organisation and nothing but the best is passed on to the customer at a competitive price.  Basically, there is heavy emphasis on:

  • Quality of product

  • Quality of service to customers

  • Quality of treatment to employees

  • Quality of treatment to suppliers and sub-contractors

Presently DJB manufactures to the following standards:
Indian: IS 666 of 1972, International: ISO 4247, German: DIN 172, 173 and 179, British: BS 1098 of 1967 and 1977, American: ANSI (Imperial & Metric) , Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) , Chinese Industrial Standard (CIS) ; Drill Collets to DIN 6388 and 6499.

Also undertaken are non-standard products as per customer’s drawings, particularly Guide Bushings for machine tools, Gun Drill Bushings, Drill Collets, Dowel Pins, locating pins, Stripper Bushings and Jig Buttons both Steel & Carbide.

DJB has entered the field of component manufacture and is manufacturing several precision components requiring turning, grinding, and honing. Large scale honing and grinding job work is also undertaken for many large and reputed organisations.

DJB has a modern factory equipped with several high precision, high production machines of both Indian and internationally renowned brands.

DJB is extremely proud of its team of dedicated, conscientious, hardworking, loyal and highly skilled employees whose efforts have contributed in equal measure to the success of the Company.The management and employees have re-dedicated themselves to face the challenges and opportunities of the new millennium. The slogan for the Company is:

                Unbeatable Quality at Unbeatable Prices

and all efforts are being made to ensure that the XLNT brand of Drill Jig Bushings, Gun Drill Bushings, Drill Collets, Dowel Pins, Locating Pins and  Guide Pillars & Bushings remains simply excellent!!